Diasporic Distractions

Diasporic Distractions

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Author: Mohamed M. Keshavjee

These short stories fictionally captures some of the eccentricities that the author has found among overseas Indians. From Abdul Kader Ghoriawalla of Namdipur, who exorcises a ghost from a white residence in apartheid South Africa, thus presenting the authorities with an intractable conundrum, and Mukund, the Indian businessman who tries to bribe a petty immigration official in an imaginary African republic in the post-independence era to obtain a work permit, to Sam, the consultant on diasporic reassignment who advises newcomers on how to survive in Canada, and to Farid, an effective networker, whose handwritten letters unwittingly open doors to people he had never met in Central Asia, we gain an insight into the Indian migrants' journey towards acculturation in their new countries in the 20th century.

A great storyteller. His characters speak to all segment of the Indian diaspora wherever they live today. A fun read!
-- Matthew Thomas, author of Anakara House, writer of diasporic literature, lawyer.

Format: Medium PB
Year published: 2017
Pages: 211
Sub-genre: stories
Imprint: Silverfish Books
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