Chickaboo the Runaway Ostrich

Chickaboo the Runaway Ostrich

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Author: Heidi Shamsuddin

Chickaboo the Ostrich lives in a lovely garden. She plays with the turkeys and sleeps with Siger, the Husky dog. But when Chickaboo grows bigger, the garden is no longer big enough for her. One day, she goes for an adventure on the main highway of Kuala Lumpur!

On 16 June 2016, drivers on the Kuala Lumpur Federal Highway were surprised to see an ostrich running along the road. A video was uploaded onto the internet and overnight, Chickaboo the ostrich became a star. This book was inspired by the events of that day. Amused by the story, Lim Lay Koon drew a picture of the runaway ostrich and shared it on Facebook. At the same time, Heidi Shamsuddin had started writing a story based on the ostrich. And Oyez!Books is proud to publish Chickaboo the Runaway Ostrich for all children to enjoy and for posterity!

Format: Medium PB
Year published: 2017
Pages: 32
Sub-genre: picture book
Imprint: Oyez!
Product weight: 155g

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