Pak Belang the Tiger

Pak Belang the Tiger

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Author: Rossiti Aishah Rashidi, Widiyatno

Pak Belang, as many of us know, is the Malay nickname for tiger and means Mr Stripes. Pak Belang is the King of the Malaysian forest. He is a carnivore and a top predator. But one animal is not afraid of him. Guess which? Pak Belang is a good swimmer but is not so good at climbing. He kills his prey instantly with a bite on the neck.However, Pak Belang has one great enemy – humans. Today, there are not many tigers left in the wild. Pak Belang, the Malayan tiger is on the list of critically endangered animals.

This information and other fascinating facts are found in the book. Whether reading alone or being read to, children are likely to find the book engrossing.

Format: Large HB
Year published: 2017
Pages: 20
Sub-genre: YA
Imprint: Oyez!
Product weight: 340g

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