Malay Life & Customs

Malay Life & Customs

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In dealing with matters relating to Malay Life and Customs, I have thought it best to divide up the subject into three pamphlets. This, the first, deals with the principal incidents in the life of a Malay. The second pamphlet will give some account of the conditions under which a Malay lives--the type of house he resides in, the clothes he wears, the furniture he uses, etc. The third pamphlet will treat of Malay amusements. 

I am very much indebted to Raja Haji Yahya, Penghulu of Kota Setia, and to Messrs. H Berkley and RO Winstedt for valuable assistance in the preparation of this pamphlet. The details given are, of course, based upon Malay life in Perak. 

- RJ Wilkinson


Format: Paperback
Year published: 2022
Pages: 257
Imprint: Silverfish Books
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