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TRANSPARENCY: Most internet self-publishing sites are notoriously opaque. They will show you a base price. But to get any publishing done, you'll have to pay at least three or four times that. Everything is well hidden. With PAKKA, the base price will get you a few hundred books delivered to your house! Everything is transparent.

CREATIVE CONTROL: The author has full creative control and decides on the final form (with advice from our publishing professionals; basically, so the author is aware of costs).

ADD-ONS: The minimum cost option will be sufficient for most people. Enhancement options will include copy editing and proofreading, thread-sewing, 100gm cream book paper, fold-in covers, shrink wrapping and hardback with dust jacket. (However, premium features like ghostwriting, structural, content, copy and line editing, hardcovers, jackets, edge-gilding and stamping, etc. will be available only on request.)

FACE-TIME: Authors with have the opportunity to met face-to-face with PAKKA publishing professionals.

IMPRINT: All books will carry the PAKKA logo on the cover, an imprint owned by PAKKA ENGLISH.

DISTRIBUTION: Authors will be offered bookstore retail placement at PAKKA ENGLISH premises (terms will apply) and an introduction to our distributors for placements in other bookshops throughout Malaysia if requested (subject to agreement of the two parties).

ISBN AND CIP: Authors do not have to be concerned about these procedures as PAKKA will undertake them

QUALITY: Books will be of the same high standard as all Silverfish titles were known for.

SELLING PRICE (RRP): The author determines the selling price of the books and how and where they’re sold. (A PAKKA professional may advise on market reality.)

DIRECT SELLING: The author will be encouraged to sell direct as many copies of the book as possible and keep all proceeds (in the spirit of DIY books).

BOOK LAUNCH: Authors may hold a book launch at a location of their choice at their own expense.

CURRENCY: All transactions will be in Malaysian Ringgit.

E-BOOKS: PAKKA may introduce the author to third parties for negotiation of an e-book deal. But beware, it might not be worth the trouble.

FRANKFURT BOOK FAIR: PAKKA may introduce your book to the international market at the Frankfurt Book Fair (the largest and oldest book fair in the world), subject to terms, and to our considerable contacts within the international literary and rights community. If your novel is really good enough, who knows?


UPFRONT COST: This is becoming the new normal in publishing. The author will have to bear all production costs, which we believe are the lowest in Malaysia. (Please Google and compare.)

MARKETING: This is another new norm. Authors will have to promote their own books. (This is true no matter which model the author chooses, even traditional publishing.) Social media is a good place to start.

DISTRIBUTION: Authors may approach local bookstores for placements. Please note that not all bookshops are worth the trouble, and the good ones seldom accept individual publications. The best is to sell your books to your community.


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