Beguiled on Larut Hills

Beguiled on Larut Hills

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Author: Liew Suet Fan

Atop the southern end of Bintang Range, about 20 kilometres from the north-western shoreline of Peninsular Malaysia, is Larut Hills. It is a 6,878-hectare forest reserve spanning lowland, hill dipterocarp, oak-laurel and montane forests, whose citizenry include rare plants, enchanting fauna and the human residents of Maxwell’s Hill, a hill station conjured out of the wilderness by the British in the 19th century.

The forest-clad mountains, inhabited by ancient fern trees, delicate mosses, giant palms and hidden waterfalls host, on their periphery, rambling timber bungalows, a steep road of 72 hairpin bends and old footpaths drenched in mist and cloud. Here is the home of the enigmatic agile gibbon, helmeted horn-bill, clouded leopard, the world’s largest moth, the atlas, and one of the world’s loudest insects, the empress cicada, to name a few. It is a space of curious, ethereal wonderment, a counterpoint to the world beyond that beats to the rhythm of high-speed communication and nature-by-design.

In this book about the land and her people, we are offered a view of wildness and the physical and spiritual gifts that they impart to us. It is also a meditation on the power of a landscape and how such a place remains our geography of hope on an Earth beleaguered by the values and choices we have come to live by.

Format: Large PB
Year published: 2019
Pages: 146
Sub-genre: nature, photography
Imprint: Liew Suet Fan
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