The Classic Challengers From Reading to Writing

The Classic Challengers From Reading to Writing

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The Classics Challengers, is a relatively active book club founded by Naz Ghazali in 2017 that has held 80 meetings/discussions to date, focussing on the classics (as their name suggests), but including influential books, contemporary and local.

The Classics Challengers- from reading to writing is a compilation of works by the members during the first MCO period in 2020. Included are book and film reviews, poems, short stories, haikus, and others.

Two articles by Dr Chuah Guat Eng- The Problem with writing is... and Writing The Nation are also included.

Tun Arshad Ayub and Professor Dr Muhammad Hj Salleh both have special messages.

Other authors:Jayson Ho, Amir Hamzah Abdul Aziz, Jessica Claudia Patricia Walch Barton, Dr Kok Sen Wai, Datin Dutta-Yean, Dr Swagatha Sinha Roy, Hemavathy DM Duppiah-Devi, Pang Huey Lynn, Pragalath Kumar, Tik Shaiza binti Ariffin, Saleh Sepas, Muhammad Aswan bin Awang, John Pinto, Karthick Sekar, June Ho, Salina binti Safian, M Vickneswaran, Nazli Anim binti Dato Hj Mohnd Ghazali and Dr Alireza Manzour (in order of appearance in the book).

Format: Medium PB
Year published: 2020
Sub-genre: Essays
Imprint: Naz Ghazali
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