Toni Kasim: Many Shades Of Good, A Tribute

Toni Kasim: Many Shades Of Good, A Tribute

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Author: Kua Kia Soong

Zaitun Mohamed Kasim, or Toni, as she preferred to be known, was a human rights defender extraordinaire. She was on the secretariats of SUARAM the human rights organization, the All Women's Action Society, as well as Sisters in Islam, among others.

She fought for justice and equality for all, regardless of gender, ethnicity or creed. The diversity and range of her commitments covered poverty eradication, environmental protection, sustainable transport, disaster management, health and support for vulnerable and marganilized groups.

Toni ran as the first independent women's parliamentary candidate in the 1990 general elections on a gender platform and raised issues that transcended party political concerns - justice, democracy, gender equality, interest of communities and the rights of marginalized groups.

This tribute by her family, friends and admirers captures her contributions and impact on many lives during the relatively short time she spent with us. Toni will always be an inspiration to us all and a model for what is good in this world.

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Year published: 2009
Pages: 132
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