Why Weeps the Brogan?

Walker Books

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Spiders moved on a pile of boxes. They used the boxes as Saxon would use stairs, scuttling on the display case, dropping inside, clinging on webs, masses of spiders crowding the glass...

According to the clock in CENTRAL HALL the date is WED. 4 YEARS 81 DAYS FROM THE HOSTILITIES -- marking another day in Saxon and Gilbert's ritualized existence. Saxon bakes. Gilbert brushes and together they leave their home in THE COFFEE SHOP to collect provisions. Saxon and Gilbert are not, however, the only inhabitants of their world. For among the dust and crumbling pillars roam hordes of terrifying spiders and -- even more disturbing -- the Brogan. The very sight of this creature fills the children with loathing, although they feel duty bound each day to feed it. But what is the Brogan? And who, for that matter, are Saxon and Gilbert? The answers, it seems, lie beyond the great doors of glass and wood -- if only the two children dare seek them out. 


Condition: Pre-loved book. First edition. Mild yellowing of pages.

Format: Paperback
Year published: 1989

Pages: 103
Imprint: Walker Books

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