Community pictures 1

In May 2020, Silverfish Books will be 21 years old. We were planning a big bash. Unfortunately everything got scuttled by Movement Control Order due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. So we have decided to have the  party online. We have literally thousands of photos going back to May 1999. We plan to upload as many photos as we can on this page (including newspaper clippings) ordered by years. It is going to take a while. It's going to be snapshots of what we and you looked like 21 years ago.

BTW, if you have some photos about Silverfish Books that you might like to share, please send them along to us, jpg will be fine (about 100kb) from wherever you are now in the world. After all, we did have plenty of fantastic times as a community. And, while scanning through the photos if you recognise anyone. tell them about this gallery.

It will be fun. See if you can spot yourself or your friends on any of these pages.

Page 1 (1999 and 2000)

Page 2 (2001 and 2002)


Desa Seri Hartamas shop, 1999


Reading by Singaporean poets, Oct 1999


Andrew Matthews, Mar 2000


Yasmin Guneratne, May 2000