PAKKA Self-Pub Hub

The PAKKA Self-Publishing Hub

PAKKA Self-Publishing Hub is operated by Pakka English Enterprise, 63 Lorong Maarof, Bangsar Park, 59000 Kuala Lumpur.

Self-publishing has always been around, but now it seems more the norm than the exception, at least with first-time authors. It is easy to self-publish, but how do you sell the books? Major chains are not willing to take your book unless it is a proven seller, and you cannot sell it without a decent retail presence. 


The goals of the PAKKA Self-Pub Hub are three-fold: 

  1. To create a retail and online space for self-published authors to showcase and sell their books.

  2. To create a comfortable retail location in a leading suburban outlet for locals and visitors to browse books by self-published authors.

  3. To further establish PAKKA as a destination for literature and creativity.


Our vision: 

  1. Shelf space with face-front display space for books by authors at a leading Klang Valley bookstore.

  2. A cosy browsing/reading space with seating for readers to enjoy while perusing the books.

  3. A venue that authors can use for hosting book release parties or book-signings.

  4. A possible venue for multiple-author events.

  5. An option for premier window display.

So, what's the deal?

  1. Authors rent space from us at a nominal cost to display their books in a leading bookshop in a prime location and get to keep all proceeds from the sales (less 20% to cover Pakka admin costs).

  2. Will it be worthwhile to you? You decide. Cost of rental per title is RM150.00 per month (for a minimum of three months) including on our online store. You will determine the selling price for your own book. Now, if your book costs RM50.00, you will practically recover your cost if you sell only three copies a month! If you price your book at RM25.00, you will recoup with monthly sales of 6 copies, etc,. Is it worth the risk for you? 

In the Appendix below, you will find the information we have compiled for authors who may be interested in participating in this opportunity. At the present time, we have room for 30 authors. We look forward to working with you.


Appendix: PAKKA Self-Pub Hub

Author Information.

Please direct any and all queries to: Pakka English EnterpriseTel: 03-228 448 37, Email:

Who can be a part of the Self-Pub Hub

  • Self-published authors with physical books who live in Malaysia.

  • Self-published anthologies by authors who live in Malaysia

Purchase of author display space:

  • Main author display space will be available for a 3-month period, starting on the first of any month subject to availability.  


OFFER A: Main display 

  • Each author will have a 15cm wide x 26cm high x 14 cm deep shelf space (enough to display a standard hardback or c-format trade-back) on a designated bookshelf, with a 10cm wide x 5 cm high and 7.5cm deep acrylic bookend for front-display copies of author’s books. (If the self-published book requires more width, the author may purchase two or more spaces.) Bookmarks or business cards may be inserted inside the covers of the author’s book.

  • (Inclusion on PAKKA online bookstore at with an additional RM75.00 per month, min 3 months, with purchase of offer A.)


Other conditions

  • No accessory merchandise (ie. posters, plushies, t-shirts, CDs, etc) may be displayed.

  • No posters or easels may be used, except for special events, and must not block any other display. All author displays must be within the bookshop. 

  • Displays are for single books by one author (or co-author). Authors of different books may not share rented spaces.



  • Marketing of the self-published book is entirely the responsibility of the author(s), even if PAKKA decides to include the title on its Facebook page or other websites.

  • Authors with extensive bodies of work may purchase additional spaces subject to availability. Rates will be the same as for the first purchase of space.

Genres allowed:

  • In order to keep diversity, there will be a limit of no more than 6 authors in any genre:

  • Children’s books.

  • Young adult

  • Business/educational/how-to.

  • Local history/interest.

  • Poetry.

  • Non-fiction - may be broken into sub-genres.

  • Fiction- may be broken down into sub-genres.


Genres not allowed:

  • Pornography.

  • Books promoting racism.

  • Books offending other religions.

  • Books promoting bigotry and hate.

  • Any book deemed offensive

  • At the sole discretion of Pakka English, any behaviour or act by author(s) that is likely to bring Pakka English into disrepute or legal action.



  • Each author is responsible for the inventory of their own books.

  • Inventory can be replenished at any time but no more than a total of 5 books per author space, one of which will face front (excluding display books). Arrangements may be made for increasing the total number of books stocked at Silverfish for fast moving titles at the sole discretion of Silverfish staff.

  • It is the responsibility of the author to replenish stocks (and inform PAKKA), as and when necessary. Author has to pay close attention to stock movements.

  • No additional inventory may be stored at PAKKA.

  • Monthly inventory statements available via email upon request.

  • Upon the end of the purchase periods, the author shall remove all unsold books at their own cost, failing which PAKKA will dispose of the same as we deem fit after a grace period of 10 days.

Venue hours:

  • PAKKA is open from Mon-Friday from 10.00 am - 7.00 pm unless otherwise notified.

  • No events shall take place after regular business hours.


Cost to participate (all costs will be subject to 0% GST):

Main display (Must be purchased in 3-month blocks.)

  • Bookstore display, including inclusion on Pakka online bookstore -- RM150.00 per month

Registration and payment may be made in cash, QR or bank transfer at PAKKA,  @ 63 Lorong Maarof, Bangsar Park, 59000 Kuala Lumpur at least 2-weeks before intended date, failing which authors are likely to lose their booking.


  • Authors shall have sole discretion to price their books.

  • 90% of proceeds from sales will be paid to authors monthly no later than the 10th of the following month.

  • Payments will be made by Pakka English.

  • Authors are responsible for their own yearly taxes.

To get started:

    • Contact PAKKA personally or by email at

    • Bring a copy of your book for vetting by PAKKA staff.

    • If your book is accepted, fill out the application form. 

    • Pay for your purchases by cash, QR or bank transfer 2 weeks in advance.

  • Fix a date for delivery of your books for inclusion into our system.

  • If for some reason your book is NOT accepted (genre already full, etc), your fees will be promptly refunded and you may be added to our wait list.

If you have more questions, please contact us. 

Thank you