Our Options


We do not have a confusing array of options (identified by gemstones, or rocks, or heavy metals, or whatever -- but that are all really the same under the hood). Our basic option is what most people want (with or without small enhancements.): an elegant paperback (or hardback). Your only major decision is: how many copies do you want. There is a simple rule, the more you print, the cheaper the cost per copy. Unfortunately, life its not that simple.

A). 300 copies. If you are a beginner and not so confident about your selling abilities, you may choose this, if direct selling is your main form of disposal. You may place some copies in bookshops, but avoid distributors. Try libraries, build a name for your self and a community. You can always reprint.

B). 500 copies. Choose this if you are more confident. Your cost per copy is lower, but don’t ignore direct sales. However, you can place books in more shops, and take more risks. Still avoid distributors.

C). 1000 copies. Choose this if you are raring to go, and don’t think you’ll end up with 800 copies in your bedroom for the next ten years. Your cost is low enough for you to engage a distributor. All the best, you’re on the way to becoming a brand-name author. (Don’t forget your promotion.) Remember, in all cases, price points are important. Check shops to see how much books like yours cost. You must make enough money for your next project. Do plan.

Our base offering:
1. B-format paperback (140mm by 216mm).
2. Administration of ISBN and CIP.
3. Page layout design.
4. Cover design.
5. Black and white interior printing on 80gm white simile paper.
6. Full 4-colour cover printing 260gm Artcard .
7. Digital PDF galleys for final approval before printing.
8. Digital printing for the 300 and 500 copies.
9. Offset printing for 1000 copies option.
10. Perfect binding for books of less than 192 pages.
11. Thread sewing for books of more than 193 pages.
12. Imprint: The SilverfishNew.
13. 3-month placement at Silverfish Books (terms will apply).
13. Free space at Silverfish Books for book launch.
14. Display of book at Frankfurt Book fair (terms will apply).
15. Introduction to a major Malaysian book distributor.
16. Meetings with a Silverfish Books publishing professional.
17. Free delivery to one address in peninsular Malaysia.

But if you want to enhance the look and feel of your book, you may want to add:
1. 4-colour fold-in covers.
2. Special 80gm Anjala cream book paper.
3. Additional thread sewing.
4. Shrink wrapping to protect your book.
5. Add a hard cover with a dust jacket!
6. Copy editing and proofreading are added services.

Costs: What everyone wants to know. We have simplified cost calculation by reducing costs per page, ranging from 6 to 15sen.

Our Rolls-Royce package.
This is for exclusive clients. (We have published such books before. We can show you samples.) Since these are special orders, specifications could be different from those above. Hey, if you want a book that will last as long as a Rolls, go for it. (We do not currently offer a cofee-table option.)

Our other services include:
1. Ghostwriting.
2. Content Editing
3. Line Editing
4. Print of 120gm Munken FSC paper
5. Photograph plate insertions (black ‘n white, and colour)
6. Slip cases
7. Gilt edging
8. Gilt stamping
9. Insert footnotes
10. Insert end notes
11. Provide indexing. (Author picks the keywords.)

Photo: Quilt and ink bottle.(Image from Pixabay.)