Pakka English


PROOFREADING is to detect and correct typographical errors of text. (Starts at RM6.00 per 300 words. 24hrs turnaround.)

COPYEDITING looks deeper into how information is presented to make your story easier to read and understand. It will include all steps of proofreading, without changing the meaning. (Starts at RM12.00 per 300 words, 24hrs turnaround.)

Type of works accepted: Letters • Assignments • Theses • Proposals • Resumes • Manuscripts

GHOSTWRITING is for you if you have an have an idea for a book, story or paper, know your subject well, researched it extensively but are unable to find the time, space, or skill to write. Prices will vary according to your requirements and the experience of the ghostwriter. Speak to us. (In person or by phone.)

CUSTOM PUBLISHING requires you to have the final draft of a manuscript. We will provide typesetting, page layout and cover design (based on your concept) for a professional-looking book. Prices will vary depending on the length of work (in1000s of words), charts and tables that need to be redrawn and whether it's in BW or colour: Speak or WhatsApp Us. (We don't do children's books because it's a very specialised field.)

CREATIVE WRITING workshops depend on group dynamics and require minimum participation. Do register your interest. Talk to us.

LANGUAGE COACHING will target beginner and intermediate level English speakers and writers, students and professionals. Please register your interest and take our free level-assessment test. Display your confidence in campus and at work or job interviews (Call or email us first.)

Address: 63, Lorong Maarof, Bangsar Park,
59000 Kuala Lumpur.
Mobile/WhatsApp: 017-754 6973