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Why would anyone want to self publish?

Many reasons. You may have a story inside you dying to get out. Or you have been rejected by traditional publisher for years because they're only interested in another big one, just like the last. (After 40 years, they're still mining Salman Rushdie and Margaret Atwood; as much as we love them, is there no one else?)

Isn't self-pubishing all about vanity?

In truth, most publishing is about vanity but we have to admit, there a some really shoddy self-published books ot there. Equally, thousands of important books that do not see dsaylight because the gatekeepers don't think they can move a million copies, not due to their quality or content. Did you know that Margaret Atwood, E L James, Mark Twain, Stephen King and (our own) Wong Phui Nam all self published?

How does one market books?

Let's be brutal. Customer's buy books of people they know (even if it's someone they don't know in person). Name recognition is the game. You may have the most brilliant book, but if no one knows your name, you'll sell zilch. But, no need to despair. In this age of the social media, if you're good at something, you can easily make yourself known. Discuss your ideas. Share it. Build your following. Word of mouth is the best advertisement.