Dream Keeper

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'It got darker and darker -- a matter of no concern to an old blind man -- until he spread his arms and flew away, transformed into a raven. The Raven. 

It was of course Hanging Hair, and she flew with majestic strokes of her powerful wings. Now that Jason was out of the sea and back on land, he was her charge, and she was pleased with him. Pleased with her own stewardship. It was going well, she thought, as she flew across the night sky to a rocky beach and landed as the old woman with the shiny long, black, young woman's hair.

Two other old women waited for her. Sedna the Orca, Mother of the Sea, the sister who had breathed the spirit into Jason in the first place, and Adee, Ruler of the Sky, and the most cynical of the Sisters of Creation.

"What did he say?" Adee demanded.

"He said that he would do it."'

According to Native legend, you should treat well the sea lion that swims close to shore, for it may be your ancestor. In Dream Keeper, the sea lion is Jason Ondine, a member of the first white party to venture across land to the Northwest coast. In this distant place, Jason is witness to a world not his own, of people, spirit, and nature in full flower. In a stroke of divine intervention, the Sisters of Creation -- a cantankerous trio of spirit who oversee the realms of water, earth, and sky -- select Jason to become one of the immortals. And so it is his curse and his fortune to be sent out to cross time and territory with a mission to rebalance old injustices, to secure the life of the son he knows nothing about, and to see an ancient dream come true.

Set in both past and present, Dream Keeper invokes the spirits of the First Peoples, braiding the legacy of the pioneers and the trials of love and identity into a wildly imaginative and thoroughly entertaining read.

Destiny has a way of catching up with you. And this is how fate, the power of the old stories, and the setting right of the world caught up with Jason Ondine, even after two hundred years.


Condition: Pre-loved book. Minor yellowing of pages. Otherwise in good condition.

Format: Hardcover
Year published: 2000

Pages: 271
Imprint: Sasquatch Books

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