Keli Dua Selubang / 2 Catfish in the Same Hole

Times Books International

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Author: Kit Leee

The key to understanding any culture lies in its folk wisdom - its idioms, homilies, proverbs and colloquialisms. The Malay people have scores of such sayings, which they call peribahasa. Malaysia's wackiest writer-cartoonist Kit Leee packs 100 of his favourite peribahasa into Two Catfish in the Same Hole. Doused with pithy annotations and cheeky illustrations, Leee's quirky sense of humour adds a wry, contemporary twist to these traditional sayings. At once entertaining and enlightening, Two Catfish in the Same Hole will make you an overnight sage, not to mention laugh out loud, slap your thighs, and keel over in stitches. It will bring tears to your eyes.

Format: Small PB
Year published: 2001
Pages: 104
Sub-genre: proverbs
Imprint: Times Books International
Product weight: 150g
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