Puteri Saadong: The Warrior Queen

Puteri Saadong: The Warrior Queen

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At the turn of the 17th Century, Che Siti Wan Kembang was the most powerful ruler west of the Middle Kingdom, who controlled the entire east coast of the Malay peninsula. She was the queen of Negeri Serendah Sekebun Bunga or the Kingdom of the Floral Gardens. 

Puteri Saadong or Mariam, the Warrior Queen of Kelantan, was the adopted daughter of Siti Wan Kembang (Che Siti). She was brought up in Bukit Marak by Che Siti. She succeeded her father as Raja of Jembal in 1663 and was later installed as Raja of Kelantan in 1667. 

Puteri Saadong resisted a strong invasion by the Siamese army of King Narai, who coveted her for her beauty, but allowed herself to be captured in the end to save her own kingdom from destruction and to spare her husband's, Raja Abdullah's, life. Raja Abdullah vowed to wait for her and never to remarry. 


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Year published: 2022
Pages: 62
Sub-genre: Malaysian legend
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