Snow in Summer

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'A voice whispered out of the darkness, "Is that a true question for me, Snow in Summer?"

It wasn't Stepmama's voice, but it was a voice I knew though I'd only heard it once before. Heard and tried to forget. But magic is hard to forget.

I slipped into the darkened room. "Mirror," I said, "Not that question, but another one."
"Speak it then," the mirror told me.

"Mirror..." I took a deep breath, got my courage up, and asked: "Who should I fear the most?"

In the dark, something stirred. There was a shushing sound. I shuddered. Did Stepmama keep snakes here? Even if they were in boxes, the sound was enough to make my knees go weak. If there were serpents in the house, as well as Stepmama, then both my greatest fears were realized together.

Suddenly the mirror turned on, lit up like a picture show.

"Fear the Hunter," the mirror's masked face said, startling me out of my memories.

"Fear the Hunter, fear the knife,
Fear the edge that takes a life."

"The Hunter? Who's that?" I asked, but the mirror had gone silent. In the silence, a heard a car door slam right outside.

Stepmama was home.'

With her black hair, red lips, and lily-white skin, Summer is as beautiful as her father's garden. And her life in the mountains of West Virginia seems like a fairy tale; her parents sing and dance with her, Cousin Nancy dotes on her, and she is about to get a new baby brother.

But when the baby dies soon after he's born, taking Summer's mama with him, Summer's fairy tale life turns grim. Things get even worse when her father marries a woman who brings poisons and a magical mirror into Summer's world. Stepmama puts up a pretty face, but Summer suspects she is up to no good. Is Summer powerless to stop her?

Master storyteller Jane Yolen crafts a brand-new Snow White tale filled with magic and intrigue, set during the early twentieth century in Appalachia, that will be hard to forget.


Condition: Pre-loved book. Minor yellowing of pages. Otherwise in good condition.

Format: Hardcover
Year published: 2011

Pages: 243
Fairy tale retelling; fantasy.
Imprint: Philomel Books

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