Tales out of Innsmouth: New Stories of the Children of Dagon

Chaosium Inc

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"Right here in our own state of Massachusetts, in February of 1928, agents of the U.S. Treasury and Justice Departments perpetrated crimes worthy. of Nazi Germany against a powerless minority of citizens... When the dust of this jack-booted invasion had settled, no citizens of Innsmouth, Massachusetts were found guilty of any crime but the desire to live peaceful lives in privacy and raise their children in the faith of their fathers. The mass internments and confiscations have never been plausibly explained of legally justified, nor has compensation ever been so much as attempted to the innocent victims of this unofficial hooliganism." [Senator Kennedy, speaking to the Miskatonic Univeristy Class of '59] 

Brian McNaughton, 'The Doom That Came to Innsmouth'


Innsmouth is half-deserted, seedy little town on the North Shore of Massachusetts. It is rarely included on any map of the state. Folks in neighboring towns shun those who come from Innsmouth, and murmur about what goes on there. They try not to mention the place in public, for Innsmouth has ways of quelling gossip, and of taking revenge on troublemakers. 

Here are ten new tales and three reprints concerning the town, the hybrids who live there, the strange city rumoured nearby under the sea, and those who nightly lurch and shamble down the fog-bound streets of Innsmouth.


Condition: Pre-loved book. First edition. Mild yellowing of pages.

Format: Paperback
Year published: 2006

Pages: 284
 Horror, short stories
Imprint: Chaosium Inc

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