The Legend of Krishna

Sheldon Press

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Like King Arthur, Krishna is ninety-nine per cent legend. From the wealth of stories surrounding this exotic idol Nigel Frith has created an impression of Krishna as he exists in the world of gods, a world made up of fable and legend, perceived through our imagination. 

The Legend of Krishna blends together the many Krishna myths and tells the story of his nativity and his youth among the cowherds of Braj; his battles against monsters and his conflict with the tyrant King Kamsa; his sensual life with the milkmaids in the forests of Vrindavan, and especially of his love for Radha; and the mystical journey of he takes during which he attains the fullness of wisdom. What emerges is an impression and understanding of Krishna the god, who is simultaneously a mischievous youth, a daring lover, a mighty warrior and a great teacher. 

Nigel Frith's style of writing conveys the poetic and heroic spirit of the old Sanskrit epics. By weaving into the narrative the major Indian gods and Vedic myths, he offers a full account of the Krishna legends, gives an allegorical guide to Indian mythology and looks at the teachings of the Hindu religion. 


Condition: Pre-loved book. Significant yellowing of pages. 

Format: Hardcover
Year published: 1975

Pages: 238
Retelling, religion
Imprint: Sheldon Press

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