We Were Born on the Same Day: The Difference Between Western and Ba Zi Astrology


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There's a popular contention that if everything is determined by fate, what's the point of trying to succeed? After all, if it's predestined a person will become famous, perhaps he might not need to exert much effort, and fame would appear in time. But fame isn't always synonymous with wealth and success. Some famous celebrities still struggle with money issues. Possibly the best-known example is Michael Jackson.

In We Were Born on the Same Day, author Au Yong Chee Tuck examines the life of an actor who had an extremely strong fame star in his birth chart, yet his career stalled. Then there was the ex-Beatle whose fame brought him the unwanted attention of a potential assassin. Tuck asks the question: if fate determines the outcome of our lives, does that imply two people born on the same day share identical fates? He shows how posing this question to both a Western astrologer and a Ba Zi astrologer yields two different answers.

We Were Born on the Same Day investigates what it means to two people who might or might not have been born on the same day and why human decisions still play a role in their lives.


Condition: Pre-loved book. Good condition.

Format: Paperback
Year published: 2018

Pages: 159
Imprint: Partridge (Self-published)

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